About Me


mg_6924-e1552070493345.jpgMy personal mission is proving that there are still young Americans who are willing to take responsibility and make the sacrifices necessary to protect our rights and liberties against apathy, entitlement, and government dependence. I seek to view modern challenges and opportunities through the lens of history because there is hope to be found in the heroes of our past. I believe in constitutionally limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty, and I believe that my generation will define the future of American liberty: we can either sit idly by and watch our heritage slip away, or we can take up arms (and pens and keyboards and microphones) and defend it with everything we are.

The Republic our Founders handed us in 1787 is in imminent danger of being subverted and supplanted by a growing class of people who want to reap where they have not sown. An unrestrained near-majority is struggling to overtake the balanced, representative government that was first created here and replace it with a tyranny that claims to rule for the common good. We need to protect the Republic against those who would replace it with national socialism.

If you’re a young person like me looking to engage with tough issues and strengthen your ability to tell the world what you believe, you’re in the right place. If you’re a young person who had a negative gut reaction to any of my above statements, you’re also in the right place, and I hope you’ll stick around long enough to find out why I make those claims.img_5114.jpg

I recently graduated from Colorado Christian University, where I studied business and political science and interned at the Centennial Institute. I’m married to my hero, who’s serving on active duty in the United States Army, and living in upstate New York. I’m continuously sharpening the skills and deepening the knowledge I gained in college, learning how to be a voice of truth and liberty among my generation, and working to find my place in the world.

For God and Country,

Ellen Joy Short

P.S. This video is of my speech at the 2016 Western Conservative Summit, given as the winner of the national under-30 speech contest. It’s sorta old news now (I don’t wear glasses anymore, among other changes!) but it remains one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, and I am still committed to every word I said.