Remember the Fallen

This Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I went on a drive through upstate New York and Vermont, and as we were driving through one small town after another, there were photos of fallen local heroes hanging on lampposts to commemorate their sacrifice. It was a touching reminder of what this holiday weekend is really all about.

Too often we have dishonored those who gave their lives in situations like the Vietnam War, and assigned them evil motives when they were just trying to do their duty and protect freedom. Or we are susceptible to take our freedom and fun for granted, and forget the incredible sacrifice of fallen service members and their families.

Memorial Day is more real to me now than ever, as I have a much more personal sense of what it really means. My husband is on active duty in the Army, working and training alongside men who have been there and lost battle buddies.

I don’t want to put a damper on the picnics, parades, and barbecues happening across the country today. Our freedom to celebrate without a care is exactly what those heroes have died for. Let’s just take a few moments to remember the fallen, and to pray for the gold star families who have lost loved ones.

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