Guest Post: The American System is on Life Support

By Guest Blogger: Farah Thompson

Would you believe me if I said America is a ticking time bomb? If you don’t, perhaps you will by the end of this post. 

Essentially, the media, the government, and big tech have set themselves a trap. They are the trifecta of powers that be, or “the man.” Social media and news media organizations have combined to create an atmosphere where politics is people’s religion and opponents are evil. Politics is no longer a competition of ideas. It used to be a sporting arena where all sides strove to have sportsmanship, but now it is one step away from the coliseum. It has become a stage for good vs. evil even within our communities. It’s easy to see America as good when faced with an evil like Nazi Germany or the USSR. Conflicts like that serve to unify American discourse. But now, your local state senator/representative/clerk is painted as a communist/fascist. Every elected official either hates you and everything you stand for, or they’re a soldier fighting to hold back the depravity of the other side. Maybe only a minority of Americans hold this mindset, but history is made by minorities. Antifa does not represent a majority of anyone but they are leaving a mark on our nation’s psyche. 

You might be doubting my words. Perhaps you live in an echo chamber where everything is wonderful. Here’s an example: there are real people (many of whom I personally know) who seriously plan non-compliance with new gun laws. The most extreme make memes about shooting “the feds” when they come to take their guns. For some, it might just be dark humor, but some of them are true believers. These people also believe that the government is corrupt (in all fairness, that is likely the only unifying belief Americans have left), that the elites are all pedophiles and that the press lies through their teeth to manipulate people. They believe that Democrats regularly commit voter fraud and are doing it right now to steal the 2020 election from Trump. They have small armories in their homes and are convinced our nation is hurtling towards a civil war. They believe there is a “deep state” that has colluded against President Trump and hates guns, capitalism, and traditional American values. These people would tell you that it’s only a matter of time before you’re thrown in jail for telling your child which gender they are instead of letting them choose it. 

On the other side of the spectrum is Antifa, who will riot, interfere with police, and commit acts of violence against Trump supporters (they actually believe Trump supporters are fascists and white supremacists). The left has people who believe elections were stolen from Stacy Abrams and that Trump only won in 2016 because of Russian interference. To them, speech is violence and America is the greatest evil in the world. All police needs to be defunded and police officers are generally racist thugs. They believe climate change is destroying the earth. Many of them are avowed socialists. They see the Constitution and the entire American system as nothing more or less than a system of patriarchy and white supremacy. 

Let’s add into the mix the fact that, between BLM and counter movements, a lot of Americans are feeling significant tension around race relations. 

The real kicker is that these groups don’t have faith in the American system. The left thinks the system was always deeply flawed. The right thinks the system has been deeply corrupted. No matter who wins this election, I guarantee that the opposing side will cry either fraud or voter suppression, but it’s too late. People have already lost trust in our elections. 

These radical groups and their beliefs aren’t going away. They are getting stronger. Many Americans believe there is a civil war coming, a reckoning. That’s why America is a ticking time bomb. The only solution would be everyone coming together and acknowledging that there are legitimate points to the other sides’ arguments. Of course, there are crazies on both sides who should be ignored—I won’t say deplatformed because that just makes them martyrs of the system. The problem is, the powers that be won’t ever tone down the crazy rhetoric, because they make money off of the radicals. They will never admit that maybe they were wrong and maybe the opposing side isn’t evil, just different. They don’t understand that when the bills come due they won’t be leaders or respected in any way—they will be the enemy of both sides. 

While I am sympathetic to one particular side, I am deeply concerned about the potential for violence. As my faith has grown, I have learned that my political opinions are subordinate to my faith. The idea of America suffering a civil war, or even just an extended period of violent unrest, bothers me because I can’t help but think of the lives that will be lost and the souls that will be affected. But I’ve also concluded that the only solution for my nation is more Jesus. Only our Savior can so drastically change the hearts and minds of people as to stop the course of violence our nation is on. You might disagree, but I think prayer is our most powerful tactic.

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