Guest Post: No matter the result

By Guest Blogger: Farah Thompson

Going into this election, our nation is deeply divided on, well, almost everything. Every side sees a host of problems to fix. I sincerely doubt any American thinks everything is perfect. As someone who cares deeply about America, I find it easy to envision fixing my nation with politics. If only we did this or that then people would get along. NFL players would stop kneeling. Politicians would stop lying. Covid would disappear. China would stop putting people in concentration camps. There would be no children in cages at the border. 

No doubt there are political solutions to some of those problems. But I think I speak for everyone when I say that my heart has been especially grieved over the last couple of years. And why shouldn’t it be? Our nation is messed up. Our world is messed up. But never in history has the world not been messed up. Never has our nation been perfect. Never have I been perfect, and I doubt you have either. So in my grief, I have come to believe that my nation needs one thing more than anything else: Jesus. I’m not above hoping one side wins this election, but no matter the outcome only the Gospel will bring light to our nation. 

It makes me wish I was more eloquent or more influential, so I could express the Gospel to those who share my grief but lack the eternal hope I have. But what I can do is take advantage of the opportunities presented to me, including this writing. When you look at our broken world and see little hope, grieve with me, but also remember that the most powerful redemptive force is Jesus. He doesn’t obey pollsters, betting odds, or analysts. The Son of God delights in saving us, despite of our fallen nature. So please, no matter what happens on election night, I hope you will join with me in praying that the Gospel spreads further and further throughout our nation and world. 

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